Sadhvi slaps godman during live show, TV debate on Radhe Maa turns violent

Debates are between two poles where one is against and other is for this might even need a mediator to keep the panel calm . But this debate on national television went too far with debate. The two panelist on live TV lost their temper and started fighting on the national television. This incident happened when a New TV Channel hosting a debate Radhe Maa between Radhe Maa followers and Non followers. However the news channel wasn’t expecting this when they are going live.
Panelists which consisted of Sadhvi Deepa Sharma and Om Ji Maharaj were on prime time debating on Radhe Maa, on the show which was named as “Aaj ka Mudda”. During the debate which was going live on the television, they all ended up leaving their moral grounds and ending up in fist fight. Leaving behind all the conduct on national television. The two even started having hand to hand combat on the live show, such that the other people on the set had to intervene and the show had to be stopped. The interruption did raise some issues.

Radhe Maa who calls herself as god woman in latest news where she was seen in Mini Skirt. The self styled spiritual leader was always seen wearing a bridal wear along with lot of make ups, with garlands around her neck.

Radhe Maa was something more than guru for them. Deepa Sharma who first raised from her chair turned on something lot more heated when two of the when the guests kept fighting each other. Religious leader Deepa Sharma took violent turn at a comment by Swami Omji Maharaj of the Hindu Mahasabha and slapped him. Earlier Omji had made some comments of the marriage of radhee Maa raising the issue of what has to be really done.
The whole thing then transformed into a chaos with the hosts trying interven and in the end even the crew joined the calming process. However the debate wasn’t calmed down and latter had interrupted. Whatever Happened wasn’t even civilized type maybe Radhe Maa needs to learn the fact that everyone has to be taught first calmness.


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