PM Narendra Modi: Massive campaign of waste management to be launched on occasion of World Environment Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said a massive campaign of waste management will be launched by the Centre and state governments on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Addressing the nation through Mann Ki Baat programme,PM Narendra Modi said litter bins will be made available to collect solid and liquid waste in 4000 towns of the country on 5th of June.

PM Modi said two types of waste bins will be available - one green and the other blue.

Dry garbage will be collected in blue waste bins and liquid garbage in green waste bins.

Prime Minister further said waste from kitchens is all part of liquid waste and is to be placed in green litter bins.

He said this waste can be utilized in fields. He said newer techniques of waste management will be found once waste is seen as resource and wealth.

PM Modi said this year, the United Nations has chosen the theme : ‘Connecting People to Nature’ for World Environment Day.

He said connecting with nature means nurturing a better planet.

PM Modi quoted Mahatma Gandhi saying “One must care about a world one will not see”.

He said the global campaign of connecting with nature should become individual campaign as well.

He said millions of tree saplings are planted on the onset of monsoon in all the states every year.

The Prime Minister called upon everyone to contribute in enhancing this campaign.


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