Chandra Nandini 2 June 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandini gets poisoned by Apama; Chaaya’s secret comes out in the open

In Chandra Nandini tonight we see that Chandragupta Maurya makes sure that the security of his Kingdom, specially of his Palace, gets rearranged. He wants to give no chance to the killer of Durdhara to escape.

Apama manages to get the poisoned food to Nandini. But before Nandini could eat a spoonful of Prasad, the guards come and ask the dasi who brought it for Nandini to have a taste herself. They say that it’s a rule that before any one from the King’s family eats the food, it needs to be tasted by the one who is serving it to them.

Apama’s informer goes to her and informs her that Chandra has increased the security of the palace and every person going in and out of the palace is under scrutiny.

Helena loses her cool and feels that everything is going to be ruined for her and her mother. Just when Apama talks to Helena and asks her to keep herself calm, the dasi who served the food too Nadini comes and faints in front of her.

She tells Apama that she tasted the food which was meant for Nandini. Nandini thought that the food is safe and she too ate it. Apama gives her the antidote and tells her that she will be fine. She is however worried that Chandra might be suspicious of her activities and that is the reason he increased the security of the palace.

Inside her room Nandini starts to faint as she plays with Bindusara. Before she could hit the floor Chandra comes and holds her. Chandra asks Nandini to take some rest and he sits beside her. Lost in thought he hopes that Nandini forgives him after everything is solved.

Chanakya sends a letter for Chandragupta Maurya and asks him to come to meet him. Chandra asks Chanakya to come and live with him in the Palace but Chanakya says that till the time Nand is punished he won’t come back to the palace. He says that Amatya is Nand’s biggest strength and till the time he is with Nand, he is undefeatable. Chanakya says that till the time he fulfills his promise to kill his enemies Nand and Poorna Vrat, he won’t tie his hair and he won’t come to live with him in the palace. Chanakya reminds Chandra of killing Nandini’s father and her brother. Glimpses of Nandini flashes in front of Chandra’s eyes but he says that he will fulfill his promise


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